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Welcome to my supercool Dawson's Creek site!

On this site I'll put everything there is to know about the best TV show in the world, DAWSON"S CREEK! I am totally obsessed with the show, even my initials stand for Dawson's Creek Fanatic (or freak as my friends say). I am going to try to update this site regularly with episode reviews, cast biographies, a photo album of my favorite pictures from the show, etc. Hope you like it!

The world was changed forever when DC premiered on January 20, 1998. Ever since then, I have not missed an episode. I have been through the Dawson/Joey times and the breakup of Joey and Pace and still survived (but I still have hope for Pace and Joey)! I think Pacey and Joey made the cutest couple but I am slowly coming to terms with their breakup. (lol) Now I think Charlie is probably the hottest guy on the show, with Pacey 2nd only because of his "I need a haircut" look. Anyway, this is my site for all fans of DC, even if you do like Dawson and Joey. For those of you who didn't know, it comes on at 7pm Central Time every Wednesday on the WB. Don't miss it!

Interesting Fact: Pacey could be doing 67 years and/or paying $14,400 in fines if his dad werent a cop.

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dawson's cast

The gang's all here!Top(l-r): Gale Leery, Jen Lindley, the late Mitch Leery B(l-r): Grams, Joey Potter, Andie McPhee, Pacey Witter, and Jack McPhee

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