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Episode Reviews

So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here's a summary of what happened and some comments on the show. Feel free to let me know how you feel!

"Something Wild"
Air Date: 1/16/02

The show starts off with Joey in Capeside talking to Bessie. She is worried about her grades but tries not to show it. Pacey unexpectedly shows up and offers her a ride back to Boston. She jumps at the chance and runs out the door. On the way to Boston, she talks about how "over" Dawson she is. Meanwhile, Jen is headed to Capeside with Dawson and they are discussing how Jen thinks he should go to film school in Boston and live in Grams' attic. When Joey returns to the empty dorms, she is surprised to see Audrey, who we later learn has stayed here the whole break because she got in a fight with her parents. Pacey offers her a job at Civilization as a waitress after Joey turns it down. Danny immediately offers her the job once he sees her "put Pacey in his place." Joey goes to check her grades and gets all A's and even hugs Professor Wilder. They decide to go out that night to celebrate. Charlie's band is playing at the club and Audrey mentions how hot he is. It takes a minute, but Joey recognizes him and he sees her staring at him. Audrey decides to go on stage and sing with the band again. Pacey shows up and tells Joey that he got promoted to chef at Civilization. Audrey and Pacey play pool and Pacey tells Joey to let out the "other Joey" once in a while. He means the Joey who can get drunk, play strip poker, go away on a sailboat for a summer [looks into her eyes]. She thinks about it and Charlie comes up to her later at the bar. He tries to use a bunch of lines on her like "I don't usually do this." He also says he picked her because of the way she puts her hair behind her ears to listen to the song. She mentions Jen Lindley to see what he will say and then he feels stupid and remembers who Joey is. But this doesn't stop him. He convinces Joey to do something wild so she goes on stage to sing "I want you to want me." When the crowd applauds after, she gets excited and goes backstage. Charlie comes back to congratulate her and says "I didn't think you could do that" and she replies, "I bet you didn't think I could do this either" and kisses him. Towards the end of the night, Audrey distracts Pacey from seeing Joey talking to Charlie by telling him she left to go study and they should just go home. Charlie offers Joey a ride home on his Harley and even walks along with her on it for a few feet but she refuses and walks home. Pacey guesses that Audrey had stayed in the dorm for break. Audrey gives him a goodnight kiss before going to her dorm.
Meanwhile, Dawson has to go do errands for the restaurant so Jen spends the day with Gail talking about how they both want Dawson happy and back in school. When Dawson gets home, Jen tries to give him advice about his mom and he says " Jen, you are the last person who should be giving me parental advice. You don't even talk to yours." She gets hurt and they have their first fight. They later make up after Dawson talks with his mom. They end up having sex somewhere, as usual.
COMMENTS: Jen is a whore and is making Dawson one too. haha Joey and Pacey have a very cute scene in this ep but Pacey's gonna end up with Audrey for now. The incredibly-hot-and-he-knows-it Charlie will only end up hurting Joey, but at least Pacey will be there to help her through it! Audrey and Pacey don't make such a bad couple, with their similar sarcastic humor. But, as always, Pacey and Joey are the best couple.

"Appetite for Destruction"
Air Date: 12/19/01



Pacey is throwing a dinner party for the gang at Grams' house. Since Dawson and Jen decided to stay at the film festival an extra day, they were just getting home. Obviously, they did not know about the party. Jack, Joey, Audrey, and Pacey were already there. Audrey spots them in the hallway kissing and everyone was right behind her, including Joey. As they try to start the meal, Audrey spills food on herself to get Joey away from the table so they can talk. Joey insists nothing is wrong but Audrey encourages her to have a reaction. There is a lot of tension around the table and Jack and Pacey deduce that Dawson and Jen had sex, even though Dawson refuses to admit anything. When Dawson and Joey are alone in the kitchen, she says everything is ok even though it was a little weird seeing Dawson kiss another girl. And then she says, "After all, it was just a kiss." His look tells her it wasn't. Grams gets home, and asks how the film festival was, making everyone get tense. She tells Dawson to spend the night because it is too far a drive to go back to Capeside. Dawson agrees, Joey looks a little upset. Dawson also mentions his desire to stay in Boston and go to a film school he heard about there. Jack says there's always room at Grams, then realizes his mistake.
Jack tried to convince Jen that she is stepping on delicate ground. They get in an argument over how they have changed lately and how he's become a jerk obsessed with his frat.
In a surprise, Charlie comes back to try to win back Jen. They talk outside and Dawson has to go check on them, maybe because he feels jealous. Jen tells Charlie that she finally picked the right guy, meaning Dawson and she won't see Charlie again til maybe graduation. After everyone abruptly leaves after an awkward moment when Dawson decides to spend the night, Pacey walks with Joey. They talk and share a hug, which makes Joey smile.
Comments: Dawson and Jen - whatever, they deserve each other. The way Audrey and Pacey were acting made me think they're was something going on. But when Joey and Pacey hugged, that feeling went away. Did you see how happy she looked? They're gonna get back together. I have no doubts about that.


"Hotel New Hampshire"
Air Date: 11/28/01

Well first off, Jack invites Joey to his frat party and gets Audrey to go with one of his frat brothers, Eric. Apparently Jack has given Eric the impression that Audrey is easy and Eric expects to get some. Joey overhears Jack talking about Audrey being easy and becomes furious. They get into a fight and Joey decides to leave. He apologizes later.
Dawson goes to a film festival his dad entered him in before he died. Jen finds out later that Charlie wrote love letters to the other girl to try to get her back but not to Jen. Since Jen was feeling bummed about Charlie, he took her along. Someone thought they were a couple so that became the running joke for the weekend. They ended up getting the honeymoon suite. Dawson ends up winning the award for his film about A.I. Brooks and dedicates it to his dad. He finally admits to Jen that he is happy. As they were talking in their room, the subject of why it never worked out between them came up. Dawson assumed it was because Jen was never physically attracted to him. To prove him wrong, she kisses him and suddenly they end up in bed together.
Pacey goes on a date with Karen, presumably as friends. When its over, he goes to give her a kiss on the cheek goodbye and she basically sticks her tongue down his throat and they end up in bed together. Pacey finds out that she just used him to get back at Danny in some weird way. She says she doesn't regret it later and apologizes and quits the restaurant.
Comments: Jack is such an arrogant jerk now! Now that Karen is leaving, you know what that means!! Just Joey and Pace are left! What is up with this episode? Suddenly everyone's sleeping with everyone. I wouldn't have been surprised if Jack jumped into bed with Joey! Karen was mean too, she used Pacey!!! It is so wrong to use guys, especially someone as special as Pacey!!! lol And Dawson and Jen???? What is up with that?? Dawson was a virgin. Now its gonna be all weird between everybody.


"Text, Lies, and Videotape"
Air Date: 11/21/01

Dawson finally goes to see the therapist, who is not as scary as he pictured. He realizes he is frustrated with his dad, something that he is ashamed of now that Mitch is dead. His therapist assures him it is ok to be frustrated but he shouldn't hide that anger. Dawson and his mom learn that Mitch did not sign the papers adding Lily into his will, therefore she cannot receive any money.
Meanwhile, Dawson and Jen are getting closer. She even goes with him to the therapy session and makes a special dedication to him on her radio show.
At first, Joey is insecure about working on the Rose Lazare project with a group of students who are all older than her. Professor Wilder gives her some hints to get her started on finding out who Lazare wrote those letters to. In the end, she is the one who discovers that Lazare wrote them to herself. Audrey helps her discover this by showing Joey her Real World audition tape where she confesses that the only person who you can be totally open with is yourself.
Civilization, the restaurant where Pacey works, held an anniversary party and Karen expected to be Danny's date since Emily wasn't supposed to show up. Well, Emily does and Karen watches them kiss and dance the whole evening. Pacey tries to help her by dancing with her and attempting to get her mind off him but she can't. Later, Pacey brings her dinner at her house and she realizes he is right and Danny will never leave Emily. But Danny calls Karen and the answering machine picks up and they hear him telling Karen how sorry he was, how much he loves her, blah, blah, blah. Karen already gives in by picking up the phone.

Comments: Well Dawson and Jen need to get together and get it over with, Joey needs Pacey to help her celebrate, and Pacey needs to help Karen find someone else, not him. But really, Karen must have no self-esteem. She needs to move on and realize Danny is scum. I guess its hard when he's like her boss and she sees him everyday. It must be hard for Pacey too.

"High Anxiety"
Air Date: 11/14/01

Description: Dawson's doctor reccomends him to a therapist in Boston. He goes but doesn't actually see the doctor. He decides to stay with Jen and Jack instead of Joey. He ends up going to the frat house with Jack, where he ignores Joey's calls. Joey, meanwhile, is with Audrey and her mom at dinner. Audrey's mom is a former model and wants Audrey to look perfect and basically be perfect. Joey stands up for Audrey and they leave the restaurant together to go to Pacey's party. Dawson shows up at Pacey's party drunk and blames Joey for his dad's death.
Menawhile, Jen decides to get even with Charlie for being unfaithful. She goes to his dorm pretending to want to fool around. He refuses, saying he has a test to study for so she just wants to get her sweater out of the closet. She finds his other girlfriend in there. Charlie tries to explain and rectify his behavior but it doesn't work. He suggests a threesome so Jen and the other girl tell him to go first. He gets butt-naked then they tell him to close his eyes because it's there turn. Jen rubs up against him, the other girl opens the door, and Jen pushes him out into the hallway naked and the other girl locks the door behind them.

Comments: Well, lemme just say Charlie is hot but he deserved what he got. I think that was a great plan. And Dawson is a jerk, I don't care if he was drunk or not. This is one episode I could watch over and over again, mainly cus of Charlie's body! lol

"Use Your Disillusion"
Air date: 11/07/01


Dawson visits Joey at Worthington after his father's recent death. He still seems distraught over it and suddenly becomes nervous at random times. Joey is invited to join a team of 5 people, along with her professor, to go through the estate of a dead writer who left her estate to Worthington in her will.
Pacey seems to like Karen, the waitress at the restaurant he works in. Jen sees Charlie with another girl and goes into the restaurant, throws ice cream on him and makes a big scene, only to find out it is his sister. Later, she sees him making out with a girl who is definitely not his sister.
Jack makes it into the Fraternity but breaks up with Toby. Toby had surprised him for the weekend but Jack was on call for pledge week and was frequently called away. Toby became upset and Jack realized they were growing apart so he broke it off. He didn't even show up to tell Toby good-bye.
Joey gives Dawson a book on how to deal with a parent's death and writes a note to him inside the cover. She was afraid she would say the wrong thing so it would be better to express her feelings in writing. She gives him the book but he leaves it in her dorm, leaving us to guess whether it was an accident or not and whether or not he read it.


First, let's discuss Jen and Charlie. They were a cute couple (except for the all sex all the time thing) and I think it's about time Jen got a boyfriend that seems to match well with her. Now I am so aggrevated that Charlie is probably cheating on her. UGHHH! This better be some weird misunderstanding.
Second, I feel bad for Joey because she doesn't know how to help Dawson. I think she is trying to ignore it too much and making it awkward in the process. She needs to reccomend grief counseling and maybe even go with him. Audrey has been a strong source of support throughout this.
Third, I am glad Jack broke up with Toby. It's time he broadened his horizons. He and Toby are going their separate ways and maybe it's for the best. Toby shouldn't have expected him to drop all his plans when Jack didn't even know he was coming. Not to mention it was pledge week, a very important time for Jack.
Lastly, I don't really understand what's going on with Pacey and his sudden abundance of girls. What happened to Melanie??