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Here's some comments about the show and the site from visitors: (For more comments, see the guestbook under "Home")

hey danielle, i finally got a chance to check out your site. haha...its actually really good. i liked all the quotes too , yah i read em all, i was bored. but they were really good ones. let me just tell u how much pacey and joey NEED to get together. they are like so totally in love damnit! --- Jes

It was very informative and puts all "so-called" Dawson's Creek fans to shame --- Melissa

thats hilairous i love it --- Colleen

uhohh... i hear that dawson and jenn might get back together? i wonder what that is all about... personally, i don't think it is gonna work out to be a healthy long lasting relationship, but i could be wrong. all i know is that i am happy, as im sure u are.....dawson is sidetracked with jenn.....we know who that leaves...hmmm maybe joey and pacey will stumble upon each other once again.. we can only hope and pray. --- Jes